Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anderson Ranch

What a week! Had such a good time at the ranch this week playing photographer! I finally have time to upload some pictures that I took around the ranch  and on some trails.

 All the final cuts of my trip are on my website-

Road trip photos on the way to Leadville CO

 Colorado was so inspiring, the colors in the  landscape are just incredible, something i have never seen before, something I thought you saw in pictures but wasn't actually real.  The textures of the landscape were also very inspirational, i did spend a lot of time rolling around in it when I was shooting my enhanced sand stone photos!  Demi, laying in the dirt, wow! Im really evolving  out here in the  west! 

Rodeo! My first time, yeehaww

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Tips to remember

Low ISO  is used for  bright scenes

High ISO is for  low light and moving objects

Parameter 2 For natural colors

Parameter 1 for vivid  sharp images

Aperture settings