Sunday, November 6, 2011


I think its interesting how with jewelry, we have the option to put materials together to create  a narrative.  These  things   sometimes  are part of a whole and when in conjunction with other  items  tells a story about each other or together as one thing.

I think this  artist does this.  The juxaposition of certain objects working with , against or among each other is very interesting.   these relationships, and its relationship to the body is what makes jewelry work.  what does it mean for  the body  to have a relationship with these objects , images and textures?

studio progress

Sunday, October 30, 2011

More clarity

I have decided to stop  trying to  make a specific statement with my work and try to  think more intuitively and freely with things that inspire me and the images and objects that can be created from that.

I feel very disconnected with lots of things right now, and I need to stop fighting it and embrace it.  Information, emotions, colors, sounds, shapes and  day to day occurrences seem to be flying at me and its hard to decipher what is what anymore.  this bombardment  skews my perception of what is really around me, and things that should otherwise be decipherable now seem to mesh with everything else, thus taking on characteristics outside itself.     My previous battles between myself and nature where only touching the surface of what kinds of tension what really going on and although i think  the nature culture battle is significant to my narrative, I think there is much more to be  seen.

The landscape is an integral part of what inspires me and a maker.  The visual information  that the landscape provides can at times be confusing in our contemporary culture. The landscape is not only made up of its natural wonders but is also bombarded with the towering presence of  culture, which intersects, divides, and destroys  the natural landscape.  This  mash up of forms, textures, colors and shapes  can at times skew our perception and things that should otherwise be decipherable now seem to mesh with one another.  My interest lies within this  unnatural combination and how we are connected to it physically and physiologically.