Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anderson Ranch

In preparation for anderson ranch I need to ask a few questions :

What narrative am I  trying to get out of my photograph?  Is this moment a surprise?  How do the sand stones operate as purely objects and how do they become integrated into the landscape ?  Can they be see as being part of the landscape?  Ordinary vs Unique.   What does it say about  us and our connection with the landscape??  What does it mean for the object to be hand made?  How does the handmade object compliment the intricacy of  mother nature?

 How  could this unique object allow us to think differently after having been  seen in within the landscape?

Can the documentation of this object in the landscape  make  the handmade object more natural and real?

These are questions I would like to start answering  when thinking about the  Sand stones I just made.  As objects they operate much differently when  juxtaposed within the landscape. When in the Landscape the sand stones become more than just an object, they attract attention not only to themselves but to the surfaces around them, allowing  the viewer to take notice to  a part of the landscape that is more of less forgotten.

Artists to consider:
anna mendiata:

Anna Gaskell

Looking at Fancy Things

2.57 Carat Diamond and Platinum Cocktail Ring from timelessantiques on Ruby Lane

2.57 Carat Diamond and Platinum Cocktail Ring from timelessantiques on Ruby Lane

Coral : Tous les messages sur Coral - Page 5 - Eloge de l'Art par Alain Truong

Coral : Tous les messages sur Coral - Page 5 - Eloge de l'Art par Alain Truong

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Digital sketches

Notes on Work in Progress

Stick Pendant:

Found sticks, cut into gem like shapes.  Gem shapes reference  something of value, juxtaposed  the inherent found/ discarded  object.   Keeping the wood natural is important to  seeing the components for what the really are and perhaps what they are trying to become

Id like to start to  design different layouts and  connecting mechanisms for the wood pieces, referencing, vintage diamond jewelry of the 18th and 19th century  where multiples and decadence is key!

This website sells jewelry but hace a anice layout of the progression of diamond cuts.

In the vain of  18th and 19th century jewelry Filagree is also promenant.  Id like to experiment with way to combine these familiar "valued frameworks" that  perhaps  frame or enhance something that is mundane and forgotten

These cross sections are  so interesting to me.  All of which came from the same branch but each is unique.

Cement is another material I would like to incorporate with some of my research.  Cement as yet another thing that does not hold high value, but is actually quite necessary for living and part of our daily lives ( especially use city folk!)    The connection between people, the earth and our surroundings is something I  have been doing alot of thinking about, especially my place within that landscape as a woman.

These next pieces are part of my ultra secret powder coating plan and I am very excited about it!  All I can say is 99 cent store betta watch out!

The forms in the next two pieces  relate to some of the things I was thinking about in the spring, the juxtaposition of  natural imagery that we all understand as being realistic and a kin to the landscape and  with imagery that toes the line between natural and unnatural.

these pieces use natural objects such as the wood elements in conjunction with the powder coated forms what  can allude to a natural object but clearly is fake.

Friday, July 8, 2011