Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Im pretty sure this isle at the store would make Sondra cry a little......
But I love it! 

In progress

As the summer roles on I have been working  everyday on 5 brooches, all of which i see as samples for  later works  to come.  There are a few things that I have been thinking about lately with everything that has been going on in my personal life and and how it is maybe translating through some of the imagery in the samples that I have been working on.  I cant exactly pin point every detail, but I would have to say that a thread running through some of these studies is the  use of jewelry  to heighten  "forgotten" or discarded" objects.  The use of nature imagery :  nature being as inherent beauty, yet forgotten at times.  Using the nature as women connection, and perhaps using nature as my place holder in  this whole exploration?
Like I said, I am still working things out.  When these samples are finished I am going to sit down and kind of make a list of these things I would like to expand on for the next coming year. 

I think this is a good start, I gotta start somewhere

Faceted twigs: found at Lake Murry

Electroformed and powder coated: Rock like form

More faceted twigs

Found box wood cross section,  powder coated aluminum foil, painted 

Found twig cross sections powder coated copper: brooch

My box of tricks:)

Powder coated aluminum foil with embossing powder.  The powder stick pretty will with glue but I did need two coats

I added more leaves to  this wood I carved, havent gotten very far with this yet. 

Sketch book  

This is the back of the cement brooch that you will see below.  The Blue is the resist from electroforming it.  The enamel holds up super well and looks really great when it comes out of the bath. Id like to try using this with some other things

Brooch seen from above, The back is electroformed copper and then powder coated

this is without the little black rocks, I like it this way too, simple 

This is the Back, I  am waiting for my magnets to come in, then i will drill out  the back , set the magnets and then powder coat on top

Cement brooch with leaves, brass painted,  When I make the final piece The leaves need to be made out of steel not brass

Final  for the wood slices

Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer studio time

Its been really nice working in the studio alone.  Its hard right now to focus, but at least when I am alone its easier to wade through the mud in my head....  I have begun to make things that have potential, im trying to just let go and not think to much about why I am making them and just let it all come out.

First off, I had my first year of grad blogging printed... looks cool eh?

My cement crack ring.......

Wax rocks

Powder coating, must wear mask! Im trying to powder coat enameling style!

electroformed branch with aluminum leaves 

chip board mock ups 

Fake rock Real rock... 

Wood carving for a brooch 

Rock molds

pod/leaf forms for brooches

Powder coating samples

More molds

Brooch/ cement/ powder coat