Friday, September 16, 2011

Duality this, Duality that.....

Research Themes: ( so far) 
Below are themes related to my research currently 

 Nature / Culture Duality Objectives:

·      Examining the evolution of floral motifs throughout the history of jewelry
·      Create a contemporary floral motif which speaks to the juxtaposition of nature and culture
·      Construct a  form language to explore these ideas.
·      Using  the format of jewelry to signify  this binary existence 

Homage to flora and Flora ( 2 parts)  Objectives:

 flora - refers to the plant life occurring in a particular region, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous

·      Relating to places traveled, visited, lived, passed by
·      Defining these moments through the preciousness of jewelry by using forms that capture particular parts of these regions
·      To create a keepsake, a memento, an artifact of something fleeting

 Flora - refers to a book or other work describing a flora and including aids for the identification of the plants it contains such as botanical keys and line drawings that illustrate the characteristics that distinguish the different plants

·      Defining specific parts of the landscape to allude to the whole
·      Utilizing information gathered ( photos)  to interpret aspects of the  landscape in conjunction with  magnified studies that are more intimate
·      Creating  jewelry and objects that evoke nostalgia, remembrance. A piece of the larger whole
·      Focusing   on an aspect of “examination” 

Sketches/ Material research: 
realting not to specific pieces just yet, but form language  for future use

Friday, September 2, 2011

In Process for Brooches

This is the second to last in this series of  tin foil forms.  I am interested in these forms because they have the ability to create large volume  and are light weight.  Abstracted from the landscape these shapes and forms are reminiscent of shapes, colors, and moments in the landscape that I have observed. 

Enhanced Sand Stones

Here are some in progress shots of my  powder coating set up. 


The semester has started and  I am off to a running start!  Lots to do!  First on the list is getting ready for the Lux pop up Store!  I have been selected to show my production work  at the gallery from sept 8th- through october 28th.  

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